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  • My New World is API & Best of Breed

    In my opinion, vendors with integrated modules don't push the envelope on new and flexible features. Integrated vendors are more interested in protecting what they have already built. Integrated vendors made it difficult to share by design.

    In my New World, the value proposition is, our software is a service that caters to a narrow aspect of your business and tries to to do it better than anybody else (Best of Breed).

    Their services are constantly pushing the envelope to provide new and more flexible features. For these guys, it's more about finding others that want to connect and call out to one another so that every aspect of business need it being addressed with great effort.

    Connecting with others is a matter of necessity, since they only handle a narrow aspect of some business need, they will expose their capabilities to others and allow them to call into and utilize. My New World permits others to utilize and share through a web API (application programming interface). There are many flavors of web API's; so, for our sake I hope that more standards will be set in future years.

    Funny, I don't hear "if I could only get this to do that" much anymore. Nowadays, it's "they added new features when I logged in today" or "I tweeted a new feature request"

    It's an exciting New World, I hope you are enjoying it.

    Hank Burba, CPA | 09/24/2014

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